Headphoneparts Cookie Policy –This page was last updated on January 2022.

At Headphoneparts we use Cookies

At Headphoneparts we use cookies to bring you the best possible experience of our site. By clicking the Cookie Disclaimer button at the bottom of the page upon your first visit to our site, you agree to accept our Cookie Policy.

What are These Cookies All About?

A cookie is a small piece of information stored in an often encrypted text file that is issued to your computer. The text file contains non-personal data used to enhance your experience of our site. This includes showing information that is most relevant to you such as products you have put in your shopping cart or provide us with analytical data such as what pages you visit and for how long.

The Different Kinds of Cookies

As with most cookies, there are different kinds of flavors.

  • Session Cookies – These are only used while browsing the site. They are deleted when you close your browser.
  • Persistent Cookies – Sometimes called functional or permanent cookies. These cookies are saving preferences and settings used for basic personal adjustments. When revisiting the site we the information can be used again to help improve your experience.

…there are also…

  • Cookies Used for Analytics Services – To collect analytics data about your visits we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service that uses cookies to measure visitor behavior such as which pages are visited, in what order and for how long.

I Don’t Like How They Taste – How to Manage Your Cookie Settings

Most internet web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox provide settings that allow you to manage cookies. You have options to restrict, block or delete certain cookies. However, by restricting, blocking or deleting cookies your browsing experience could be impaired in different ways. To learn more about how to change these settings in your specific browser, please visit your browser website.

To prevent sites from collecting non-personal Google Analytics data and opt out of Google Analytics you may use a browser plugin developed by Google. Read more and install the plugin here

If you want to go in-depth and read up on everything cookie related you can find more information on the below links:

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Cookie Policy Updates

From time to time, we may have to make changes to our cookie policy. Should any such changes be made, they will be posted on this page.